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Here we have addressed our most common questions so you can find the answers to your questions. As always, get in touch if you have any further questions

Where are your courses based?
We teach our courses from central Plymouth from the gorgeous Amore Hair Salon where our head trainer Kirstie works as a specialist lash artist

What courses do you offer?
We offer courses face to face and online in, classic eyelashes, volume eyelashes,complete eyelashes (classic hybrid and volume), lash lift, brow lamination and Lash lift and brow lam combo.

Are your courses accredited?
All of our courses are accredited with ABT and will provide you with a recognised qualification, allowing you to gain insurance to be able to perform treatments for the general public. Our masterclasses, manuals and mentoring sessions are not qualifications as they are for those who are already qualified and require advanced training.

Do I have to pay a deposit?
We require a non refundable deposit of £60 per course in order to secure your date. Further info on this can be found in our terms and conditions page here

How long are the courses?
Our courses are intensive one day courses apart from our complete lash course which is two days. You will be required  to complete case studies in 6-12 months depending on your course requirements.

Do you offer mentoring sessions?
We offer mentoring sessions to anyone who should require support or additional help in any area they wish. These can be for anyone whether you hold a qualification with us or not. these can be arrange for face to face or via zoom calls. Face to face requires a minimum on 3 hours and zoom calls require a minimum of 1 hour. They will be tailored to your requirements and you will let us know what area you want to be mentored in. 

Do I have to provide my own kit?
All of our classroom course students are provided with a kit required to complete the course and case studies. Online courses are required to purchase a kit separately either from our academy shop or elsewhere.

Do I have to organise my own model?
It is your responsibility to organise a model for your training practical assessments. If you require help to find a model please contact us as soon as possible so we can try to help.
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